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What’s Happening In August?


August 3rd

  • Golden Road tap takeover featuring Wolf Among Weeds, Mango Cart, Hefeweisen, Point the Way IPA, Ride On OPA

August 15

  • O’ Fallon tap takeover featuring vanilla pumpkin ale, wheach and 2 more taps

August 22

  • Goose Island takeover/meet the brewer featuring 2017 BCS, Coopers Project #1, 312 Wheat, Old Man Grumpy pale ale, Oktoberfest.

August 29

  • Boulevard golden hour. Part of a month long boulevard promotional giveaway. Each Blvd beer purchased you receive a ticket. If you collect all tickets in the month, you win a $500 gift certificate for airbnb.


August 8th | 5-7pm

4 Hands Tasting/Sampling

  • Tapping 4 Hands Rubus Flux, Passion Fruit Prussia, Contact High, Contact High Juiced

August 9th | 6pm

Stella Chalice Giveaway

  • 1 per customer — order a stella/get a chalice starting at 6pm

South County

August 10th | 5pm

Sweet Water Brewing Company

  • Join us for Sweetwater launch in St. Louis.